Brands + Businesses

Companies and projects I've created and built from the ground up.

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LaDove & Co

Founded boutique design studio focused on bringing more nature into people's lives. Services include garden design, garden-centric event planning, and seasonal craft-making.


Garden Tribe

Co-founded innovative online education company to connect a global audience of home gardeners with world-class horticulture experts. Produced and curated online workshops that delivered practical, visual instruction on gardening's latest trends and topics. Content acquired by NBCUniversal Company,


Modern Farmhouse

Founded company providing “urban homesteading” solutions to commercial and residential clients seeking to become more sustainable and self-sufficient. 



Founded a creative arts and media studio that creates, develops and produces original material and works for hire.


Salmon Cabin

Founded an urban homesteading blog focusing on edible gardening, food-crafting and chicken-keeping..

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Patio Magazine

Founded and edited an early "'zine" on the aesthetics of everyday living.