photo by  Ngoc Minh Ngo

photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo

I turn vision into reality.

Beth LaDove

I'm at my best when I'm creating.

My strength is dreaming up new ideas and then making them happen--whether that's a product, a company, a film, a book, or simply a creative garden.

I’ve created and led teams to award-winning success across many mediums--digital, print, film and video. My work has ranged from projects for large corporate clients (like Warner Brothers and Hewlett Packard) to creations with emerging artists, under-resourced startups and NGOs in the developing world.

I strongly believe in the importance of collaboration, education, mentorship and social justice. I regularly volunteer and provide pro bono services for community projects, public schools and at-risk youth. 


  • Ideation

  • Visual storytelling

  • Creative Direction

  • Writing

  • Design

  • Teaching

  • Managing creative teams

  • Creating high-quality content on time and on budget


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